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Living in The Atherton means you get to experience a lifestyle you didn’t have before in your old home. Apart from its wonderful units and a strategic location, you get to use several amenities that can improve your stay in this condominium development.

For starters, you don’t have to travel far or spend most of your monthly salary to get away from stress and fatigue. All you need to do is head on over to The Atherton’s swimming pool facility where you can spend all day here. These resort-type pools are available for your use any day of the week and it’s exclusive for this condominium development’s residents. Plus, your kids won’t get left behind because there’s a smaller and safer pool that’s made for them. You can now enjoy the water without making drastic changes to your schedule or budget when you live here.

Finding a place to relax outside of your home is easy here in The Atherton. You can choose from a wide variety of landscaped parks and gardens around. Just take a book or bring a loved one so you can spend a quiet time away from all of your worries. Your children will have a great experience with their friends due to the presence of a playground. This amenity contains safe play equipment for kids and is situated inside the premises of the Atherton to keep them safe from strangers and incoming traffic.

Of course, it isn’t just your kid’s safety you should look out for. Your whole family and the belongings you own need to be secured from any criminal threat. The Atherton takes this matter very seriously so you can live life to the fullest. As such, this condominium development employs a dependable team of security personnel and modern technology to accomplish this goal. The whole site is surrounded by an electrified perimeter fence and is routinely monitored by security guards. In common areas, you’ll find CCTV cameras all over the place to check for any irregularities. There’s also a gated entrance to screen visitors when they come over to this place. The end result here is an improvement in security so you can sleep better at night or be at peace when you leave your home here.

Finishing your daily tasks at home is more convenient in this condominium development. There’s a convenience store here should you need to make a quick supply run. You can also use a laundry station here to take care of all your dirty clothes. For sure, your chores at home will be a lot easier with these amenities around.

The community you live in plays a very important part in your life. Make sure you choose wisely by investing in The Atherton. With its wide array of outstanding amenities, you won’t wish for more in a home.

  • Adult and kiddie resort type swimming pools
  • Playcourts
  • Well-landscaped open areas, parks, gardens and playground
  • Jogging and biking paths
  • Clubhouse with function rooms
  • 24/7 Security Service
  • Gated entrance and electrified perimeter fence
  • Security Office
  • CCTV in common areas
  • Full back-up power
  • Provision for CATV and telephone lines
  • Property Management Office
  • Laundry Station
  • Water Station
  • Convenience Store
  • Mail Room
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